Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey people! Guess what?
I realize that I miss blogging a lot, and so I really wanted to return. (For the long term, I hope)
But I've got some conditions to go with it also. Here it is:

- I can't be expected to fill ALL of your requests. It really depends to see if somebody uploaded it before. I just share the link
- I can't be posting everyday
- Please don't ever curse/swear or spam the chatbox. It's for requests, not for venting your anger

**These are some of the conditions I have for returning

Plus, I know how hurtful it can be to have something you depended so much let you down. I'm sorry! :(

PS: I won't be taking my national examinations this year, it's next year. I didn't mix up the dates, I just never thought I'll be skipping one year of exams! :)

Enjoy the blog! I hope it will be better than ever!

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