Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Owner

Hello everyone! My name is David and I am going to be relaunching DisneyiPodMedia with a whole new look. It will be the same idea. You will still be able to download Disney movies and tv shows, but I'm adding more teen shows like PLL, the vampire diaries, the Carrie diaries and more as it comes out. Music and links to livestreams for concerts like One Direction and Justin Bieber will be up. Ill upload as much as I can! I also make YouTube videos if you wanted to check them out if you had time! :) Thank you!
- David

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hey people, I will be going on a one year hiatus on this blog because I'll be taking my national exams this year end. And since I didn't take them last year, I don't have anything to fall back on if I fail this year's one. So, I hope you understand and let me concentrate on my studies this year. Sorry if any inconvenience caused.

But if you have any URGENT request, you can email me, because I'll be checking my email everyday.

Thanks and sorry again