Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hey people, I'm closing down the blog.

Reasons? :

1. i'm busy
2.i have national exams next year
3. my computer has virus, and if i don't post you guys aren't happy about it
4. you have requested alot of movies, & if i post them, some of you never say 'thank you' ( not that i expected it, but it would still be nice )
5. i have ask for some things like twitter icons & participation here & there and i don't get a response

*Not that i have anything against those reasons, I'm just not feeling the same spark as i did 2 years ago when i first created this blog. But, i will not delete it. If you want you can still come & visit & download whatever you missed before. MAYBE i will come back occasionally & start posting again...


  1. Sorry to see you go. I totally understand why. I would like to thank you for the many movies that I have found on this site and will dearly miss the updates. I wish you the best of luck on your National Exams.

    CG in Louisiana

  2. thanks for making this site. u did a great job. thanks for all the movies. best wishes to u going forward

  3. Thank you so much! I understand your reasons, but i will be sad to see you go!

  4. Aww dont go. We will miss you
    But we understand your reason, and good luck(:

    Thanks once again(: (:

  5. sorry about what you had to go through. although this has only been my 2nd visit and I haven't really taken anything, i still appreciate your generosity. if you need a co-mod or a contributor i'd gladly help. good luck on your exams.

  6. Thank you so much for the movies. I always try to find something to do on my roadtrips. and plus these movies are free. :D ahaha
    Since, you got exams. and dont feel like you did a 2 years ago. can i take over this blog?

  7. I understand you
    but please dont go
    i will hep you if u want
    Ive been coming to this blog since
    the beginning
    ill miss it
    Thnx for everything :'(

  8. yo thank you really much for the movies

  9. hey i told you last year if you needed my help i send you an email but you never respond me i am so upset that you are closing it i totally understand you, maybe you might remember me i am the girl who send you banners :)

  10. i havent been on here much but thank you for all the films you have posted on here:)
    good luck in your exams!