Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday in advance to...

June 1:
Oliver James, 30 (Raise Your Voice, What A Girl Wants)
June 2:
Brittany Curran, 20 (Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It, Legally Blondes)
Jemma Brown, 16 (High School Musical 3)
June 3:
Lalaine, 23 (Lizzie McGuire, You Wish)
June 6:
Jason Isaacs, 47 (Harry Potter, Peter Pan, The Tuxedo)
June 10:
Kelly Vitz, 22 (Sky High)
June 13:
Mary-Kate Olsen, 24 (Full House, New York Minute)
Ashley Olsen, 24 (The Challenge, Holiday In The Sun)
June 16:
Destinee Monroe, 16 [Singer-Clique Girlz)
June 26:
Ariana Grande (Victorious)
Jennette McCurdy, 18 (iCarly)

A happy birthday in advance to those who are born in June from DisneyiPodMedia :D

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