Friday, May 7, 2010

New Banner!

Hey I was wondering if any of you wants to make DisneyiPodMedia a new banner.. The resolution should be 660x468, maybe a little bigger?

It should include some Disney movies like The Game Plan, Race To Witch Mountain, Bedtime Stories etc. and some classic Disney movies like Peter Pan, Aristrocats, Cinderella etc.

You can also add some non-Disney stuff like Gossip Girl..or some TV series that you like, together with the title: DisneyiPodMedia and ANY slogan that you want like eg. Great Source for Great Movies etc. [Just pick 1]

I'll pick the best 5-7 banners and I'll let YOU vote which banner you would like to see on DisneyiPodMedia for 1 whole year, maybe longer!?

Hopefully you guys can make me a banner...cause I don't usually make those..and I think you want to see some change, don't you? So email me at
together with the banner, and I'll let you choose 1 to put as a heading..

Try to be done by June

Thank You...Greatly Appreciated! :)

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