Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey, as you guys saw, I changed several things about this blog...the template,, font&colors, and others that i mentioned earlier, like adding the new 'Search' bar, added a free blog counter, and i've also added DisneyiPodMedia's twitter below the labels, which i have changed from a list to a cloud formation... I did all these changes is to make this blog more interesting..i doubt that you will want to visit the same blog with same template and everything else.... Like i said at the beginning of the year, I'll make an effort to try and post hopefully you will check back for more:)


  1. heey youre right, may i suggest that some links you check cause some dont link to anywhere O.o
    great job
    plz post imagine that if possibe :)

  2. hi,

    I added your blog to Google Reader. Though I dont visit your blog frequently, I'm still kept up with updates from you.

    Thanks so much for your hard work, and all the uploads. Really great movies.

    Big thanks, and wish u all the best.